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The Iranians Saffron

The biggest saffron producer all around the world is Iran, with a 90% Rate of saffron cultivated in the world. Cultivating and producing saffron is known as a business in Iran back to 3550 Years ago in the ancient Persian empire. Saffron was highly prized in special events and celebrations like Nowruz (New Persian year). Nowruz of Achaemenians used saffron as a dye, fragrance, and spice. Scholars believe that saffron may have been cultivated in the wider geographical area including Greece and Asia Minor and the kingdom of Persia. The ancient Kingdom of Persia traded saffron with Greece and the Chinese. Saffron widely applies in Iranian dishes.

Cultivate saffron and harvesting Season starts in September for about two weeks. During this period, workers with hand-catching of threads of saffron.

Saffron threads are a storehouse of health benefits. Due the hard to cultivate and harvest saffron, this spice is the most precious in the world and also people call it Red Gold. The price of Iranian saffron is an incredible deal due to the Exchange Rate.

It is awesome to use saffron daily as a tea in capsules, and up to three grams of saffron is safe per month. You can also store saffron for up to two years in a place without light and a dry place.

Where does saffron deliver from?

Saffron delivered from crocus sativus of a special flower. History of Iranian saffron back to ancient Iran.

Where is saffron grows?

The main part of the growing saffron is Khorasan province. However, Fars and Kerman, Lorestan, And Eastern Azerbaijan Have started to cultivate saffron.

What is the price of saffron?

Iranian saffron price has changed slightly. The Iranian saffron price is always changing due to the various factors that affect the price. One of the most important factors is where saffron is grown.

How much is Iranian saffron?

Due to the variable price of saffron, to inquire about the exact price, you can contact us.

Why is saffron is so expensive?

The main reason is the number of workers to take products in small quantities. For example, to produce 1kg of saffron threads needs 190,000 to 300,000 flowers and must be hand-picked. The process of cultivating needs to happen before sunrise.

How many saffron should I use?

In the Persian family, saffron is almost everything, you will not have more than half of one gram of saffron (0.017637 ounces) in your dishes or stews to feed 3-5 people. The cost per portion is less than 1$. However, will depend on the quality of the saffron and your purchasing market.

What is the main difference between threads and powder in saffron spice?

There is no difference between them, in aroma and essence, and color.

Also, saffron powder loses its aroma and color faster than threads. Powder saffron also uses with drinks and dishes.

Is saffron packaging recyclable or reusable?

As the flower of saffron is sensitive to heat places and light, must be done flawlessly. So Foodyek Company provides a special design to keep saffron threads/powder fresh and full of aroma until ready to use by customers.

What is the Iranian saffron price per KG?

If you want to know about saffron price wholesale with desirable packages do not hesitate to contact us for more information and support. Duo the fluctuating international currency exchange rate, we will provide a fair and up-to-date price per kg once we receive your request.

At the side of cooking what else can we do with saffron spice?

Saffron is historical Persian medicine for a long time, to cure depression. Saffron could be a mood-elevation hormone in the body. also used for those who have multiple sclerosis (MS).

The other main uses of Iranian saffron are art and making natural dye.

What is the Iranian saffron aroma?

However, saffron is the most expensive food in the world, and could be compared with caviar and truffles. The aroma could be described as being a grassy and hay-like taste and a sweet and metallic scent.

how to choose the best saffron?

One of the best ways is by tasting saffron. Another way is to determine the color of the saffron. Or you can see the laboratory sheets.

Foodyek saffron will provide the laboratory sheets for every order that you requested.

Which of countries are the most producer and exporter saffron in the world?

1st Rank: Iran

430 tons in 2019, Iran has the most suitable place to cultivate saffron.

2nd Rank: Spain

25-ton product and the most important exporter of this spice.

3rd Rank: Afghanistan

18 tons in 2018, the value market of golden spice in Afghanistan is 58 million dollars.

What is saffron good for?

Saffron can treat mild to moderate depression and illness and can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. could manage abdominal pains and digestive disorders. Having saffron in daily meal habits could be a healthy choice.

How to use saffron?

The dried threads should be grounded to powder saffron. For better taste could bloom the power. We have two ways to bloom saffron:

First: boil water with saffron for at least 10 minutes.

Second: put some ice cubes on it.

What are the benefits of saffron?

We call it mood-boosting effects. Also good for memory, weight loss, insight, and even decreased pain.