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The Iranians Date fruit

Iranian Date fruit from a tree called date palm (scientific name: Phoenix dactyliferous) is one of the highest quality fruits from tropical regions which can only cultivate in these regions all around the world. Date palm trees only can be cultivated in semi-arid and harsh and dry regions. These areas with these biomes are only located in a few countries.

For example, Iran is a suitable region with its diverse climate and has been successful in cultivating date fruit for many years.

Iranian Dates fruit are delicious with high nutrient value. All parts of this fruit such as date palm trunk and leaves and leaflets and seed and date juice are used for humans.

Date fruit is a valuable product that has a commercial product in development.

These are all the reasons why cultivators produce date fruit prolifically. Such as date paste and date sugar, date vinegar, date syrup, chopped date, date honey, powder date seed, and other products.

History of Iranian date fruit

The date palm tree is the first plant used by humans for food. The Persian Gulf region is the main region of palm trees and has been cultivated since 6000 BC.

What are date fruit benefits?

The date fruit is rich in pyridoxine called vitamin B6 Vitamin A and Vitamin K.

Table states of Date fruit:

100g date approved by the US Department of Agriculture

Factors      Nutritional value

Calories.     277Kcal

Carbohydrates.  74.97g

Protein.       1.81g

Total Fat.      0.15g

Cholesterol.   0mg

Dietary fiber.    6.7 g

Potassium.     696 mg

Magnesium.    0.296 mg

Manganese.    54mg

Iron.               0.90 mg

Vitamin B6.     0.249 mg

What are date fruits’ health benefits?

Iranian date fruit has an Extremely Nutritive

Numerous vitamins and minerals (Vitamin B, potassium, magnesium, iron, Fiber, and antioxidant) With natural sugar.

Do date fruits have fiber?

Date fruits are one of the best ways to enhance the fiber of the body.

Are date fruit fight diseases?

Date fruits include antioxidant that prevents free radicals. the most important factors are flavonoids, carotenoids, and phenolic acid.

Can date fruit improve brain health?

Date fruit decreases amyloid beta protein activity that capable of the formation of the plaques in the brain.

Is date fruit good for pregnancy?

The date fruit the calorie and promoted natural labor can support pregnancy and can decrease labor time.

Can date fruit be a natural sweetener?

Fructose also known as fruit sugar is in date fruits as an alternative to white sugar.

What are the benefits of date fruit for skin health?

Date fruit includes vitamins (D and C) enough for promoting skin elasticity.

Could fight rashes, itching, and acne.

Is date fruit help regulation of blood pressure?

The reason magnesium and potassium in date fruit could help blood pressure. however, potassium in the diet is harmful to the kidneys.

How many date fruits are safe to have in my meal?

Date fruits are rich in dietary fiber and essential fatty acids that could weight loss. The best number of dates per day is 3-5 date/per day.

How to store date fruit?

The best storing time for fresh dates is 6 months and for dry dates up to 2 years. It is a historical story from Iran that said “Iranian dates never be rotten”.

Is it safe to eat date every day?

Yes, we can eat date fruit every day as a healthy snack and even can use date vinegar in salad and date syrup in our drinks.

Which Iranian dates are the healthiest?

Rabbi Date

Widely grown in Iran especially Herman and Sistan Balochistan

Iranian Fresh Mazafati

The main origin of Mazafati fresh date is Iran. Taste creamy and delicious.

Zahedi date

Known as Ghasab dates cultivate in the southern part of Iran

Piarom date

Most of the Piarom dates are produced in haji a bad and hormonal province.

Can date fruit increase blood sugar?

The date fruit is low in GI, and it’s safe for those who have diabetes.

What are date fruit benefits for pregnant women?

Iranian date fruits are also a source of folate that can help the likelihood of childbirth defects. Also include iron and numerous vitamins helping grow a child with strong bones.

How many varieties date fruit has?

It depends on being dry or semi-dry and fresh, every variety has a specific taste and health benefits. A few popular varieties of date fruits are from the Iran region, such as Rabbi, Piarom, Zahedi, Fresh Mazafati, and Semi-dry Mazafati.