Types of saffron

Types of saffron

Here we are going to examine different models of saffron with different prices and values in the market.

Saffron is divided into four Special categories: Negin, Sargol, Pushal, and Bunch.

Difference between the Types of saffron in the division are related to the red and yellow parts of saffron

Keep in mind that in distinguishing the types of saffron and their differences, the meaning of the stigma is the red part and the cream means the yellow part of the saffron string

Negin saffron

Negin Saffron and Sargol Saffron are the same in quality and color power but Negin is a bit larger in size, thicker in shape and it more luxurious. It is pure and contains stigma without any style and it’s the most expensive and pure Saffron in the world.  Negin Saffron Size is 1.5 cm. It’s a bit larger than Sargol saffron. This Type of saffron has the highest and pure coloring power (higher than 250 USP) of the other kinds and the volume of crocus is higher.

Super Negin: the most expensive, rare, and the best type of Saffron. Super Negin threads have longer lengths without yellow or orange threads. The threads are cut symmetrically and precisely and contain no crumbs.

Sargol saffron

This Type consists of only deep-red stigma and has the highest quality compared to the other types. Sargol is a pure part that has a strong aroma and rich coloring capacity. It is from the very tip of the saffron threads.

Sargol is the high quality without Yellow or Orange threads.

Sargol can be recognized easily in its full and deep red color and short threads. It often contains crumbs and broken threads. This type of saffron has very high coloring (240 USP or higher)

Pushal saffron

Color of threads include red and yellow but red part is more. The size if this type of threads 1 to 1.5 cm. this is the cheapest and most commonly sold Saffron type. Coloring power is according about 220 usp.

Bunch Saffron

This grade is a relatively low strength grade and consists of red stigmata and an amount of yellow style in a bundle. It contains stigma and style. Bunch Saffron Size is about 2 to 3 cm. The Red and white part in Bunch saffron is between 70 to 75% and the root part is about 25 to 30 %. The color and quality of Bunch saffron is less than other types of saffron.  It’s between 190 to 210 USP. Aroma is less than Sargol saffron.